Las Vegas Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Reporting Bed Bugs

26 09 2010

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“Preferred Hotel of BED BUGS!”
Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Sep 17, 2010 | The day we arrived at The Paris Hotel we noticed two red stains on both bed spreads. I don’t believe the sheets were changed before we got to our room (obviously). We did not think much of it, just had called housekeeping and had them change both sets of sheets.
I awoke the next morning feeling itchy all over and had several bite marks (one very prominate bite mark on his wrist). Both the hotel cleaning manager, and security / EMT officer confirmed I was bitten by something. They had me fill out a claim form, but none of the hotel managers would speak with me after I was bitten. They told me I would need to speak with Risk Management. They changed our room but not until almost 5pm that day. I left several messages for Risk over the next several days with no response. After continued calling I spoke with Risk Management. He told me they were denying our claim and that I would have to speak with the hotels insurance company (although he would not give me their contact information). He also told me that they rented out the room we stayed in (which my husband was infected by bed bugs) after they changed our room. Since being bitten by bed bugs I have been suffering from extreme itchiness’, and bites all over my body (that might even scare). This experience has been the most horrible incident I have ever experienced. NEVER STAY AT THE PARIS HOTEL!